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Wireless Video Borescope Inspection Cameras

Wireless Video Borescope Inspection Cameras

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17mm camera measurement and 3.5" shading TFT LCD remote screen. Our Wireless Video Borescope Inspection Cameras has 3.5 inch shading TFT LCD screen. Perfect for home examination (assess in dividers for shape, creepy crawly invasion, electrical wire or water pipe area); hvac (review inside pipes, behind engines and compressors); car (view inside or around motors and transmissions); modern (investigate weld honesty, process hardware, gears, forming machines); aviation (airplane reviews for defilement, garbage, splits or other harm), and government (wellbeing and security investigations) applications. Sans glare shut everything down of view. Memory card for catching pictures (jpeg) or video (avi) for review on your pc. Separable remote 3.5" shading tft LCD screen of our Wireless video bore scope inspection cameras can be seen from a remote area up to 32ft (10m) from the estimation point. 39" (1m) adaptable gooseneck with waterproof camera (17mm width) and 2 integrated brilliant LED lights for enlightening dull ranges.

Key highlights:

  • Simple to record recordings and pictures
  • memory card space to spare recordings and images
  • Waterproof and dustproof walled in area
  • Adaptable and semi-unbending link to see inaccessible ranges
  • with 3.5 inch shading TFT LCD and 17mm breadth camera