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Pocket-Size Foot Candle Light Meter

Pocket-Size Foot Candle Light Meter

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Utilized for light testing and observing reason, our Pocket-Size Foot Candle Light Meter discovers its application in clean rooms, parking garages, work environments, workmanship exhibitions and galleries. Measures up to 2000fc for essential lighting applications. Light meter including measuring scopes of 200fc and 2000fc. Accompanies a sensor and 47 in. (1.2 m) looped link. Isolate light sensor enables you to take estimations at an ideal position. Our pocket size foot candle light meter is ideal for school science reasonable undertakings to decide how the power of a point wellspring of light changes with separate. Extraordinary for deciding the best possible presentation for a photo to help decide screen speed as well as f-number.

Key highlights:

  • Ready to decide enlightenment inside range 200 fc and 2000 fc with over range sign
  • Effectively convenient because of its lightweight and ideal size
  • Basic controls and clear advanced show
  • Simple to fit in stash