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Pen Based DO Meter

Pen Based DO Meter

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Delineating readings of oxygen level as level of immersion varying in 0 to 200, our Pen Based Do Meter likewise gives brings about grouping of o2 that exists in the scope of 0 to 20 ppm( mg/l). This meter can be benefited from us with four 3v cr-2032 batteries as well as 48" (1.2m) neck lash at take inviting costs. Outfitted with do sensor with substitute-able screw-on layer top, the offered do meter is produced utilizing flawless quality segments with the ramifications of imaginative systems. Provied pen based do meter is impeccable to be utilized for deciding the measure of broke up oxygen in aquariums, angle incubation facilities and other marine territories. Oxygen level showed as % immersion or fixation (mg/l [ppm]). Flexible height remuneration (0-20,000ft out of 1,000ft augmentations). Simple bar graph demonstrates patterns. Memory accumulates to 25 informational indexes with do and temperature perusing. Self alignment on control up. Information hold, auto control off, low battery pointer.

Key highlights:

  • Computerized depiction for indicating oxygen level unmistakably
  • Gives exact readings as simple structured presentations
  • Accessible with quality guaranteed do anode and defensive sensor top
  • Simple saltiness and elevation remuneration change from 0 to 50 ppt