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Online DO analyzer

Online DO analyzer

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Provided Online Do Analyzer is employed for assessment of dissolved oxygen as well as is calibration free and reliable. Our analyzer has special stability membrane that is ac know LED ged for balanced assessment of values. In addition, offered analyzer controls biological cleaning processes and additionally, is capable to endure pressure of over 10 bards. Our online do analyzer has prolonged working life with 0-200% and 0-200 mg/l o2 saturation and o2 concentration, respectively. Furthermore, it has t90 and t95 response time between 60s to 150s and 80s to 200s, accordingly.

Key features:

  • Has pressure impedance of 10 bars
  • Elevated productivity with incredible performance
  • Has air bubbles insensitivity
  • Ability to assess 10 bars pressure

Technical Data:

FDO 700 IQ

FDO 700 IQ SW*

FDO 701 IQ

FDO 701 IQ SW*

Measuring ranges:

O2 concentration

0 ... 20.00 mg/l (0 ... 20,00 ppm)

O2 saturation

0...200.0 %


O2 concentration

0.01 mg/l (0.01 ppm)

O2 saturation

0.1 %

Response time:

t90: <150 s
t95: <200 s

t90: <60 s
t95: <80 s

Temperature measurement

Integrated NTC, -5+50 oC

Operating temperature

-5 +50 oC

Pressure resistance

10 bar overpressure