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Onilne Chemical Analyzer For Measuring Phenol,Cynide,Arsnic

Onilne Chemical Analyzer For Measuring Phenol,Cynide,Arsnic

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Provided instrument is true Online Chemical Analyzer For Measuring Phenol, Cynide, Arsnic with little impression for deciding one parameters in water frameworks. The innovative analyzer stage has been incorporated considering the elevated plan principles additionally utilized in IPA as well as UPA procedure analyzers, ensuing in an analyzer of very high stability and quality. With standard functions, for example, auto-alignment, auto-approval, auto cleaning, TCP/IP network and long-life exactness pumps, there is not really any single option available that is a practical as our online chemical analyzer for measuring phenol, cyanide, arsenic. The parameters that our instrument measures are zinc, urea, thiocyanate, sulphide, suplhate, silicium dioxide, silica, phosphate, phenol, permanganate, nitrite, nitrate, nickel, manganese, iron III, iron II, hydrazine, hardness, cyanide, copper, color, chromium (total), chromium VI, chromium III, chlorine dioxide, chlorine (free), chlorine, biocides, ammonia and aluminum.

Key Components :

  • Normal 4 - 20 ma indicator yield with alert handling
  • 5.7" color touch display with work buttons
  • Can remotely be assumed control by lan Ethernet programming (vnc)
  • Standard auto-cleaning, auto-approval and auto-alignment
  • Integrated pc with alarm data export and result