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Non Contact Online Photo Tachometer

Non Contact Online Photo Tachometer

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In request to decide the rotational speed of turning objects without physical contact, the given non-contact online photo tachometer is broadly utilized as a part of machine or processing machines. Considered as a very agreeable hand held gadget, this tachometer discovers its application in carpentry, vehicle, development, shipbuilding, aviation and metalworking enterprises. Likewise, non-contact online photo tachometer is planned with two vicinity sensors one for 0.1 inch (3 mm) target remove and another for 0.4 inch. It offers ceaseless and precise readings from 5 to 99,990rpm. Further, our tachometer has nearness sensor-0.1 in. (3 mm) target gap, run up to 36,000rpm with photoelectric sensor of -0.4 in.

Key highlights:

  • It shows upheaval every moment on LED screen without blunders
  • Naturally stores perusing of rotational esteems in memory which can be effortlessly reviewed
  • High determination and wide measuring range from 5 to 99,990 rpm
  • Perfect for different machines like engines, fans, pumps, more