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Non Contact Current Detector

Non Contact Current Detector

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Known to forestall coordinate contact of client with invigorated electrical parts, Non Contact Current Detector is utilized to identify nearness of current from 200 mama to 1000 amps in apparatuses before support and repairing administrations. The Non Contact Current Detector separates gadget totally from current conveying wires. Shockproof, water safe and clean confirmation walled in area. Made with capable of being heard and noticeable sign. Perfect for recognizing attractive field at different focuses. Lessens damage because of accessibility of current in electrical machines like recepticles, attachments, intersection boxes and so on. Planned with take clasp and 4 lr44 catch batteries. Change of affectability increments or abatements sensor trigger limit.

Key Highlights :

  • Finds current stream even where voltage indicators can't work
  • Recognizes through protected wires, conductor, and metal electrical switch
  • Affectability alteration for finding wires/channel through dividers
  • Capable of being heard and obvious sign