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Mini Video Borescope/Camera Tester

Mini Video Borescope/Camera Tester

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17mm camera distance across and 2.4" shading TFT LCD screen. Mini Video Bore Scope And Camera Tester is a video bore scope and camera analyzer with a 17mm camera width and 2.4 in. Shading TFT LCD screen. Can likewise test introduced observation cameras for adjust target arrangement. Applications include: home investigation: examine in dividers for form, creepy crawly invasion, electrical wire or water pipe area; HVAC: assess inside channels, behind engines and compressors; car: view inside or around motors and transmissions; government: wellbeing and security examinations; modern: review weld trustworthiness, process hardware, gears, shaping machines; aviation: air ship examinations for pollution, flotsam and jetsam, breaks or other harm.

Key highlights:

  • Finds issues effectively and rapidly
  • Outfitted with LEDs to give pictures or recordings high determination pictures
  • Simple to record pictures and recordings of far, difficult to reach or dim spaces
  • Considered as a vital instrument at look into focuses and instructive organizations
  • Absolutely assesses the inside surface for burr, surface complete or gap
  • Furnished with 17mm camera measurement and 2.4" TFT LCD screen for legitimate vision