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Mini Clamp Meter & Voltage Detector

Mini Clamp Meter & Voltage Detector

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Discovering its application in car, development, electrical and different enterprises, the Mini Clamp Meter & Voltage Detector is perfect to be utilized for identifying high and low power current and voltage in a transmitter without breaking the circuit. Clip meter with integrated AC voltage finder and electric lamp. The ma120 is a 200 amp AC /dc smaller than normal clip meter with integrated AC voltage locator and implicit LED electric lamp. The Mini clamp meter and voltage detector measures recurrence up to 1 khz with 0.01hz determination, auto ranges with auto control off and information hold works and has a feline ii 600 volt wellbeing rating. Integrated LED electric lamp and AC voltage indicator for appropriate vision. Programmed standby mode after at some point for vitality preservation. Adjust esteems with high exactness. Considered as an ideal gadget for investigating applications.

Key highlights:

  • Measures 200a AC current up to 100ma determination
  • 3% essential exactness
  • 0.7" (18mm) jaw opening; 300mcm link estimate
  • 2000 tally LCD show
  • Measures recurrence up to 1khz with 0.01hz determination
  • Auto ranging with auto power off and information hold work