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Free and Total Chlorine Meter

Free and Total Chlorine Meter

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Bring more accurate advancement to your examination with our Free and Total Chlorine Meter. Do not stress about contending to decide colors practically, our chlorine meter offers direct free chlorine outcome digitally, expelling the requirement of matching shade chart. Free chlorine is active substance of chlorine deployed for disinfection of vegetable rinse water, spas, swimming pools and drinking water. Since, free chlorine is dangerous to membrane of reverse osmosis as well as requires to be observed for expulsion from source water before being deployed. Our free and total chlorine meter is outlined as more precise option to chemical inspection kits to offer accurate and quick outcomes in some simple steps.

Key features:

  • Expansive huge digit lcd and sprinkle confirmation front board
  • Measures free and aggregate chlorine up to 3.50ppm with 0.01ppm determination
  • Progressed optical framework utilizes a limited band LED light that gives precise and repeatable readings
  • Requires just a 10ml example measure
  • Battery worked for field and on location testing