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Flue Gas Analyzers

Flue Gas Analyzers

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When taking dangerous gas reading to confirm with regulatory body, customers usually have to refer them to specific oxygen level. However, our flue gas analyzer will mechanically exhibit to a certain reference in mg/m3 or ppm. Offered analyzer has backlit and clear 4 line screen that personally configured individual or preset pages screens. Tactile keypad and handset is integrated in our gas analyzer to store maximum boiler tests as well as for simple application. There is no hassle in transferring information to pc from our flue gas analyzer as customers can download handset straightforwardly to their computers. In addition, handset is remote controlled that is attached with safe rubber boot. Provided analyzer is fixed with non-dispersive infrared detector for efficiency improvement. Besides, suction pump is additionally integrated in our analyzer for better functionality as well as to measure temperature, draft, hc h2s, cxhy, so2, nox, no, co2, co and o2. Ndir and electrochemical sensors are integral components of our flue gas analyzer that hold longevity.

Key features:

  • Sensors available with 24 months warranty
  • Hydrogen compensated co detector with inner filtering that functions to 10.000ppm
  • Mechanical cross sensitivity return between dangerous gas sensors
  • Strong extraction pump that creates 500 suction mbar
  • Control of pump off and on via handset
  • Solid handset with internal data store and tactile keypad
  • Stores around 1900 boiler test in handset
  • In-built simple paper printer for instant record handling
  • Customer characterized printouts for personalized reports
  • Data store and timed print facility for mechanical record keeping
  • Analyzer is totally upgradeable