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Dust Monitoring System

Dust Monitoring System

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Our Dust Monitoring System offers both mechanical assessment of air filters sampling and particulate matter. Normally, 47 mm filters are deployed in our system. In addition, offered system can produce genuine time information employing particle counting. Laser diode grounded particle estimation system is located prior to sampling filter. Size and number of particles are estimated through our system. Besides, genuine time information is combined deploying the outcomes from beta attenuation assessments. Samples in our Dust Monitoring System are taken at ambient temperature that eliminates the requirement for correction factors. Permitting mechanical qc and qa processes, our system is considered to offer outstanding assistance in estimating air caliber by assessing the existence of complete suspended particles.

Key features:

  • Integral mechanical flow regulator with electronic feedback
  • Brush safe regenerative blower is integrated with least noise
  • Hefty duty induction motor equipped in blower
  • Installed advancement eliminates requirement of voltage stabilizer