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Digital Sound Level Meters

Digital Sound Level Meters

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Provided digital sound level meter is impeccable to be employed in clubs, farms, marriage, offices, theaters, factories and numerous different commercial areas for assessing sound levels varying between 40-130 db with 2 db precision. This enables customers to decrease the possibilities of deafness because of extra sound in working surroundings. In addition, offered digital sound level meter has plus and minus 2db precision with 0.1 db resolution as well as a+c weighting. In addition, it possesses ac analog output and minimum or maximum record values over times. Besides, our meter deploys 12.7mm electrets condenser microphone to accomplish its intended purpose.

Key features:

  • Incorporated with low battery indication function
  • Outlined with automated bar graph that exhibits altering sound level
  • Outfitted with microphone to convert sound in electrical signal and pick sound
  • Automated LCD screen is provided with .01 db resolution