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Cross Stack Emission Monitoring  - Laser Diode

Cross Stack Emission Monitoring - Laser Diode

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Elevated performance and cost savvy monitoring package is another name of provided Cross Stack Emission Monitoring  - Laser Diode that is outlined to waste and power plants to energy plants are some of them. The system’s measurement is grounded on laser diode that enables consistent assessment of some components. Besides, the gas travels at extended speed in bypass line. No probe or filter is employed and the estimation occurs in non-contact estimation cell. Attributable to equipped technology, our cross stacks emission monitoring- laser diode offers better performance and quick response for all gases. The elevated resolution monitoring system is safe against interference from every gas comprising water.

Key features:

  • Effective measurements and hg provides exceptional performance
  • Analyzer cabinet provided with optical multiplexer
  • Precise analyzer functions with least handling
  • Analyzes ammonia, fluoride, hydrogen and more