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Cable Identifier & Tester Kit

Cable Identifier & Tester Kit

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Our Cable Identifier/ Tester Kit empowers one individual to distinguish around 16 nearby or introduced lines. Particularly utilized for investigating electronic circuits as well as deficiency of wires, our tester kit is highlighted with discrete LED power markers. Generally utilized for estimation of voltage, resistance and additionally current, the offered cable identifier and tester kit is made accessible in various details. A splendid blazing LED as well as noisy throbbing beeper show local and remote congruity. Blazing remote test. Pocket size and low weight cable identifier and tester kit cuts on and dangles from the cable(s) under inspection without tumbling off. Extra elements are information hold, max hold, auto shut and low battery marker on the recipient and transmitter.

Key Elements:

  • Investigate electrical/electronic circuits and recognize over 16 instal LED or local lines
  • Multi-meter capacities include : continuity, diode, DC/AC current and voltage, resistance
  • Transmitter/collector empowers one individual to remotely recognize 16 wires
  • Wire current check between 5 to 16v DC