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BOD,COD,TSS,PH Monitoring System

BOD,COD,TSS,PH Monitoring System

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Our BOD, COD, TSS, PH Monitoring System has advanced digital sensors that reflect propelLED process measuring. This instrument is considered as an innovative controller family that has mc2 and miq with incorporated lan as well as USB interfaces, which opens net system of iq sensor to future-safe web of internet transmission through ip and tcp advancement. The innovative and wonderful uv-vis sensors nicavis, carbovis and nitravis are integrated that permit for chemical safe measurements of ts, no3, sac, bod, toc and cod straightforwardly in the effluent process.

Key Features:

  • Integral multi-functional interface of USB for software updates and quick data exchange
  • Around 20 sensors can be linked
  • Every iq parameter is assessable
  • Ready for upcoming iq sensor net
  • Sensor net can be increased due to modular construction

Technical Data :

Specification :

Connectable sensors

up to 20 sensors

Power output and relay

up to 48 x 0(4) -20 mA and relay (total)

Field bus communication


USB interface

for software updates and data backup

Data memory

up to 526.600 data sets

Backup controller function


Integrated lightning protection


EMC protection