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Bench Top Water Quality Meter

Bench Top Water Quality Meter

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Bench Top Water Quality Meter highlights a 30, 60 as well as 120-minute clock or nonstop mixing with 3 or 2 point ph adjustment and programmed temperature compensation. Provided meter is perfect for deciding nature of liquids on the premise of their hydrogen particle fixation, oxygen diminishment potential as well as temperature. Vast illuminated double lcd at the same time shows estimation and temperature. 2 or 3 point ph adjustment for better precision (4, 7, and 10ph). Memory of our bench top water quality meter accumulates to 150 readings. Finish with ph glass cathode and adjustment arrangements, temperature test, terminal clip and bar, programming and usb link and AC connector.

Key highlights:

  • Huge show to delineate readings plainly
  • Simple to associate with usb interface and pc
  • Superb storage room with ability to review 150 readings
  • Stirrer with 120, 60 and 30 minute clock or persistent operation