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Bag Filter Leak Detector

Bag Filter Leak Detector

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Bag Filter Leak Detector is a propel LED channel spill finder. This tidy screen can be utilized to screen the operation of a bag house and caution the administrator when tidy levels increment. Snifter a2 underpins sintrol system availability over USB and RS485 interfaces as a matter of course. All parameters and settings are client selectable in our Bag filter leak detector to best suit custom application needs. This gadget is completely perfect with sintrol dust tool programming. Auto setup work makes charging simple and speedy and two autonomous caution signals empower simple network. Having estimation scope of 6 meters, the offered locator is advantageous to introduce and work. This Bag filter leak detector sort of ultrasonic non-reaching level meter is generally utilized for observing channel pack houses, cartridge channels and so on.

Key Highlights:

  • Devours 3 watt control
  • Driven by 12-24v dc voltage
  • Introduced with discrete USB association
  • Minimal and control productive
  • Easy to utilize and keep up

Technical Specifications:


Measurement Objects                          

 Solid particles in a gas flow           

Particle Size

 0.3 µm or larger

Measurement Range

 From 0.1 mg/m³

Measurement Principle

 Inductive Electrification

Protection Category


Sensor Length (total/measuring)

 250 mm /185 mm  ı 9.8" / 7.3"

Power Supply 

 12-24 VDC

Power Consumption

 3 W

Cable Connection

 2 meter cable, 10 wires
6.5 ft cable, 10 wires

Process Connection

 - NPT 1/2 " male thread
- NPT 1/2 " female thread welding socket (optional)

Output Signal 

 - Two output signals (100 - 280 mA) depending on operation  temperature

Communication Interface           

 - Serial communication RS-485
- USB communication
- Radio frequency (RF) communication (optional)

Communication Protocol

 - Modbus RTU, (RS-485)
 - SNT network, (USB, RF, RS-485)

Alarm settings

 - Automatic
      Alert: 5 x normal dust level
      Alarm: 20 x normal dust level
- User selectable ranges

Signal Damping time

 - Fixed at factory: 10 s
 - Adjustable from 0 - 5400 s