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Air Quality Monitoring Van

Air Quality Monitoring Van

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As stress on air caliber enhances, dynamic and flexible methods are demanded to comprehend changes in air quality. Our new air quality monitoring van allows intensive description of air quality, instead of depending on fixed locations to offer an ideal image of air caliber. In addition, our monitoring van permits greater assessment of air quality in various areas, deploying temporary locations that can be changed around numerous sites. Further, our air quality monitoring van measures community, road, highway and industrial noise pressures. Ideally, our monitoring van is intended to monitor amounts of gaseous elements amid plant operations as well as to offer complete gas compounds’ assessment on complexed instrumentation. Furthermore, a constant air caliber monitoring station is in-built on our van as well as confirmed to measure temperature, rh, nox, SO2, CO, pm10, PM2.5 and pm1.

Key elements:

  • Monitors nature of atmospheric stability and meteorological conditions
  • Integrated with battery driven lab that emits no emissions
  • Equipped instruments are faster, more precise and more sensitive
  • Can measure no2 and different pollutants level in genuine time