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4-Channel Vibration Meter & Datalogger

4-Channel Vibration Meter & Datalogger

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Provided 4-Channel Vibration Meter/Datalogger and data logger stores and data logs readings on integral SD card in format of excel. Substantial illuminated LCD screen all the while shows four channels. Further, it has selectable information inspecting rates of 600, 120, 30, 5, 10, 60 and 300 seconds. Our 4-channel vibration meter and data logger has remote vibration sensor with magnetic connector on 39" (1m) link. Included with wide recurrence scope varying in 10Hz to 1 Khz. In addition, + (5% + 2 digits) basic accuracy is provided. Including RMS or pinnacle esteem estimation modes, information hold, auto power off and remote vibrating sensors alongside magnetic connector, our 4-channel vibration meter and data logger is available through pc.

Key Elements:

  • Substantial illuminated LCD display at the same time exhibits four channels
  • Remote vibration identifier with magnetic connector on 1m cable
  • Wide recurrence scope of 10hz to 1 khz
  • Standard exactness of around + (5% + 2 digits)
  • Has information hold and auto shut