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3 Phase Power Quality Harmonics Analyzers

3 Phase Power Quality Harmonics Analyzers

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Our 3 Phase Power Quality Harmonics Analyzers is deployed in different modern and business premises for estimation and also investigation of force of 3-stage harmonics and power. Having clean standard LCD to show lopsided factor as well as unequal proportion of current and voltage, offered harmonics analyzer is loved for long battery reinforcement and cost-viability. Power estimations and examination, data logging of 3-stage/3-wire or 3-stage/4-wire systems and single (approximately 52,428 one phase or 17,476 3-stage readings). Huge backdrop illumination LCD of our 3 Phase Power Quality Harmonics Analyzers shows approximately 35 parameters in single screen. Clasp on genuine RMS control assessments with on-screen music screen. In addition, our analyzer has concurrent show of sounds and waveform. Our 3 phase power quality harmonics analyzer inspects THD-F with programmable period, flexible CT proportion and VT proportion. It has ability to catch 28 temporary events with optically disengaged and programmable threshold device.

Key Components:

  • For 3 and one stage/3-wire or 3-stage/4-wire frameworks
  • Data log around 52,428 one stage readings
  • Vast backdrop illumination LCD shows 35 parameters
  • Synchronous display of waveform and harmonics